Datasheet | August 12, 2009

Datasheet: Oscillators

Source: Microsemi Corporation

Microsemi-RFIS's oscillators are the unanimous choice of synthesizer designers and system engineers as the frequency sources used to drive mixing, frequency multiplication, or transmitter stages in their equipment. Microsemi-RFIS's YIG (Yttrium Iron Garnet) technology provides a frequency source with exceptionally low phase noise and high tuning bandwidth with the spectral purity needed for high data-rate communications and instrumentation applications – something often not possible with a single DRO or VCO-based oscillator. Microsemi-RFIS provides YIG-tuned oscillators through Ku-Band, and these high fundamental frequencies also help to minimize spurious signals in the overall system design. Customers often cascade an Microsemi-RFIS multiplier at the output of our oscillator to extend the operating frequency well into the millimeter-wave range. Microsemi-RFIS free-running oscillators are available in two base configurations, Micro-YIG and Mini-YIG, to address a range of packaging, performance, and budget constraints.