Optimize Automotive Antenna and EMC Performance

Source: Altair Engineering Inc
Analyze, Design And Optimize Automotive Antenna And EMC Performance

FEKO is often used for the design and analysis of antennas, and for solving electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) problems encountered by OEMs and their suppliers in the automotive industry. Typical applications include radio and TV broadcasting, remote keyless entry systems, tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), wireless communications, radar collision avoidance, and many others. FEKO can also perform EMC investigations such as immunity, emissions, cable coupling and shielding analysis.

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FEKO For Automotive Brochure

Altair’s FEKO has many built-in qualities that make it ideal for various EMC and EMI simulations. Some of its many features include specialised techniques for calculating extremely high shielding values and advanced cable modelling techniques. It also incorporates numerous hybridized solution methods and efficient HPC capabilities to ensure that any size problem is solved within a reasonable timespan.

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Comprehensive Electromagnetic Solutions: FEKO In EMC/EMI Applications
   • Combined EM And Cable Coupling Solutions
   • Integrated Windscreen Analysis

Characteristic Mode Analysis (CMA)
The theory of characteristic mode analysis (CMA) provides behavioural insight and allows for the analysis of arbitrary structures such as antennas. This method also solves a generalised eigenvalue equation derived from the method of moments (MoM) impedance matrix.

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Intelligent Design With CMA

Wireless Antenna Design & Compliance
As fourth generation (4G) networks are implemented across the world, the design and integration of wireless antennas has become increasingly important. It is a challenge to develop these wireless devices and make sure they are aesthetically appealing while covering the 4G frequency spectrum, and satisfying the CTIA Wireless Association over-the-air (OTA) and specific absorption rate (SAR) criteria. The FEKO complete approach provides the necessary tools to tackle the design of a wireless antenna from beginning to end.

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Wireless Antenna Design and Compliance