Omnidirectional Gooseneck Antenna System: OA2-2.1-5.9-GN-SRT/9626

Source: Cobham Antenna Systems

Omnidirectional Gooseneck Antenna System: OA2-2.1-5.9-GN-SRT/9626

Cobham Antenna Systems offers the new OA2-2.1-5.9-GN-SRT/9626 omnidirectional gooseneck antenna system that operates in the 2 to 6 GHz frequency range with 5 dBi of gain. This ultra-wideband antenna is ideally used for ground robots and unmanned systems, as well as many more applications, including manpacks, wearables, cameras, and broadcasts.

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The dipole antenna is able to reduce the need for multiple narrow antennas, as well as the space needed for antennas in a system.

Additional antenna features include:

  • Linear polarization
  • C- and S- IEEE Bands
  • Power of 10 W
  • VSWR of 2.00:1
  • IP68 compliant casing
  • -40 to 70 °C operating temperature

For more information on the OA2-2.1-5.9-GN-SRT/9626 antenna, download the datasheet.

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