Oasis® Universal Cable And Adapter Kits

Source: MegaPhase LLC

OasisĀ® Universal Cable And Adapter Kits

The Oasis® universal cable kit is equipped with the tools needed to properly terminate three different length cable assemblies with various combinations of connectors. The kit also has brass, nickel plated adapters with gold plated center contacts that are housed in a separate case.

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The Oasis adapter kit and cables are housed all together in a rugged sealed case. Electrical data includes a maximum frequency of 4 GHz, 50 Ω nominal impedance, and a dielectric withstanding voltage of 10 kV at 60 Hz.

Adapter kit contents include:

  • 3 cable assemblies
  • 6 universal adapters
  • 2 male/2 female BNC connectors
  • 2 male/2 female F type connectors
  • 2 male/2 female N type connectors
  • 2 male/2 female RCA connectors
  • 2 male/2 female SMA connectors
  • 2 male/2 female TNC connectors
  • 2 male/2 female UHF (0.3 GHz max) connectors
  • 2 male/2 female Mini-UHF (2.0 GHz max) connectors
  • 1 double banana plug
  • 1 double binding post
  • 1 signal sampler
  • 2 wrenches

For more features and specifications on the Oasis cable and adapter kit, download the datasheet.

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