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New 6 GHz Functional Requirements Specification Approved By Wireless Innovation Forum Membership

Standard sets the stage for Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) System operation for multiple radio access technologies in the band

Washington, DC /PRNewswire/ - The Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnForum) announced today that its membership has approved the document "Functional Requirements for the U.S. 6 GHz Band under the Control of an AFC System" which defines the baseline functional requirements for AFC Systems, AFC System Operators, Standard Power Access Points, Fixed Client Devices and Proxies.

This document, publicly available on the WInnForum's 6 GHz Committee web site, paves the path for specification of test and certification procedures and helps enable 6 GHz commercial operation for Standard Power Devices in a shared spectrum environment with incumbent services being appropriately protected. Additionally, the document includes many industry-developed requirements to further enhance the operation in the 6GHz band.

"I'm excited and happy that WInnForum has released our functional requirements specification. This represents the collective efforts from a broad team of experts in spectrum sharing and wireless device operation to complete a specification that can be used to successfully develop the AFC ecosystem," said Mark Gibson, of Commscope.

Navin Hathiramani of Nokia added: "The continuous need for capacity, higher throughputs and lower latencies stemming from the new use cases and deployment scenarios makes the 6 GHz a band the industry is desiring to utilize as soon as possible. The publication of the first version of TS-1014 is a significant milestone in the path towards unlocking the use of the 850 MHz of spectrum in the UNII-5 and UNII-7 bands for standard power device commercial operation."

Requirements captured in the main body of the document are technology neutral and are applicable for any unlicensed wireless communication technology operating in the band under FCC Part 15 Subpart E rules. The document additionally includes Annexes with requirements to further enable the use of specific radio access technologies such as 3GPP NR unlicensed operation and IEEE 802.11 ax.

Participants in the development of this standard include protected incumbents, prospective AFC System operators, standard power device manufactures, and other ecosystem stakeholders. Additional work products from the group can be found here: Standards provide a framework environment where innovation can thrive; and they serve as a baseline for the ecosystem to develop and grow. These standards are derived from the applicable FCC rules and written by and for the stakeholders and users of the band. WInnForum also leveraged our experience developing a comprehensive set of CBRS specifications into the AFC Functional Specification

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