News | July 24, 2014

New CCT-02 Cable Cutting Tool Available From Times Microwave Systems


The new Times CCT-02 cable tool which replaces the older CCT-01 model is the perfect solution for cutting any LMR cable in preparation for connector termination. The CCT-02 tool cuts more easily, provides a clean sharp cut without leaving any metal or plastic residue across the face of the dielectric and allows the cable to retain its shape without distorting its geometry thereby preventing any added return loss which may be of particular concern especially at higher frequencies.

New features of the CCT-02 tool include a unique safety locking mechanism to keep the tool positively closed until needed or when stored in a pouch and a streamlined design that allows it to fit more easily into a Times or other type of tool pouch.

The CCT-02 cable cutting tool has a list price of $48.00 each, the same as the tool it replaces and is available from the worldwide Times distribution network.

About Times Microwave Systems
Times Microwave Systems has over 60 years experience in designing innovative, high-reliability, coaxial cables and assemblies for demanding interconnection problems. An engineering oriented organization, the company specializes in the design and manufacture of high performance flexible and semi-rigid coaxial cable, connectors, and cable assemblies for RF transmission from HF through microwave frequencies as well as lightning and surge protection products.

Source: Times Microwave Systems