Newsletter | February 20, 2024

02.20.24 -- NASA Soon To Rely More On Communications Providers


NASA Soon To Rely More On Communications Providers

As NASA winds down its TDRS constellation, it has partnered with SATCOM providers to fill in the communications gaps and reduce the risk of data loss and communication delays for future missions.


Amplifiers To Support SDRs

Military tactical radios now support modern modulations and communication protocols with the help of software-based transceiver architectures.

Testing True Performance Of ADCs Using R&S Signal Generator

Testing the true performance of ADCs can place high requirements on the input signals. Explore the influence of signal quality on the measurement results in this application note.

Exploring Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) In The Wi-Fi 6 GHz Realm

Examine the implications of Wi-Fi 6E/7 tri-band coexistence measures and how the FCC is working to ensure a harmonious coexistence between Wi-Fi and other licensed and unlicensed radios in the U.S.


The Development Of Autonomy

Rather than in giant leaps, technology moves in smaller, continuous increments. Our modern perspectives are flooded with constant new discoveries, but few are revolutionary.


Viasat Announces First U.S. Navy Military Sealift Command Ship Installation

Mobix Labs Awarded Key Design Win By RaGE Systems

DENGYO Announces Its Ninja VLTA Transparent Antenna Series

AnySignal, Vast Space Partner On Next Gen Space Communication Technologies

Alpha Wireless Revitalizes 5G Evolution With Revolutionary Small Cell Fusion Platform

Akoustis Achieves Wi-Fi 7 Design Win And Volume Orders For Two New Programs

New Mobile Satellite Industry Association To Advance Global Connectivity

SparkFun Electronics Unleashes The ESP32-C6 Thing Plus

NASA’s New Experimental Antenna Tracks Deep Space Laser

Rohde & Schwarz, Slalom Join Forces To Realize 5G-enabled AR-animated Avatar Calls


Measuring Phase Noise Of An Oscillator With A Phase Noise Analyzer

In this demonstration, learn how to measure the phase noise of a 100 MHz oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) using the Holzworth HA7062D real-time phase noise analyzer.


SUCOFLEX 570S Microwave Cable Assembly

HUBER+SUHNER SUCOFLEX 570S microwave cable assemblies are 70 GHz assemblies offering a long lifetime of more than 20,000 flex cycles.

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Precision RF Coaxial Switches From DC To 40 GHz

dB Control offers a large selection of coaxial switches with a wide frequency range from DC to 40.0 GHz. Numerous configurations are available, including more than 60 series types and variations.

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dB Control

Solid-State High-Power Amplifier: AMP2030D-LC

The AMP2030D-LC is a small form factor, rack mounted solid-state high power amplifier designed for EMI/RFI, lab, and general communication applications.

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Exodus Advanced Communications

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