News | January 18, 2013

Narda Announces New Booklet For Selecting the Best PIN Diode Control Product for an Application

Source: Narda Microwave-East - An L-3 Communications Company

PIN diodes are essential tools in the designer’s handbook. There are many resources that provide information about PIN diode characteristics and integration. However, practical information about selecting the proper PIN diode-based product for a specific application is extremely hard to fine. Narda’s new PIN Diode Control Products Application Note was created to fill this void. It includes basic discussions of PIN diode characteristics, the most commonly used PIN-diode based products, and the trade-offs encountered in designing products around them. The merits of various types of control products within a specific category (analog and digital attenuators, for example) are discussed as well.

Please click here to view this valuable designer's tool online.

SOURCE: Narda Microwave-East - An L-3 Communications Company