Datasheet | August 18, 2009

Datasheet: Multipliers

Source: Microsemi Corporation

Microsemi-RFIS's frequency multipliers scale up the operating signal frequency by an integer multiple, "N". Microsemi-RFIS specializes in multipliers with minimal noise degradation, low spurious and harmonic output, with consistent performance over drive level and operating temperature. Base models include a comprehensive line of doublers (N = 2), triplers (N = 3), and quadruplers (N = 4), along with higher order multiplication schemes up to N = 10. Even multiplication schemes up to N = 28 have been delivered, so contact the factory for custom solutions. All models provide excellent phase noise performance approaching the theoretical limit of 20 Log N. Active broadband BJT, FET, or PHEMT based models using DC bias allow the multiplier to also provide gain, which can be particularly convenient for where miniaturization is critical. Depending on desired filtering and amplification, output power levels of 2 watts and higher are available.