News | January 17, 2013

MULTIGIG RT 2-R Connector Delivers Quad-Redundant Contact System


TE Connectivity’s New Ruggedized VPX Connectors - Backward Compatible to VITA 46

TE Connectivity (TE) announces the new MULTIGIG RT 2-R connector. This rugged, lightweight and high-speed board-to-board interconnect is compliant to VITA 46, including backward compatibility with all existing VITA 46 daughter cards, and supports OpenVPX architecture. The new connector system features the modularity and flexibility of the field-proven MULTIGIG RT 2 connector products, but with a new quad-redundant contact structure designed for extreme vibration levels. Ruggedized guide hardware is also available for use with the MULTIGIG RT 2-R connectors to increase the stability of the daughter card-to-backplane interface under shock and vibration.

The MULTIGIG RT 2-R connectors have been tested to HALT (highly accelerated life test) vibration levels per VITA 72, and the robust “pinless” interface has been tested up to 10,000 mating/unmating cycles. Connector modules are available for 6U and 3U VPX slot profiles, including rear transition modules, and support 0.8 inch card slot pitches.

“TE collaborated with Mercury Systems to develop and test this connector for use in the most challenging environments, beyond requirements of the VITA 47 standard. The MULTIGIG RT 2-R connectors and ruggedized guide hardware are valuable new additions to TE’s portfolio of interconnects for VPX and custom embedded computing solutions,” said Mike Walmsley, Product Manager, TE Connectivity, Global Aerospace, Defense & Marine.

Supporting high-speed protocols, these new connectors are designed for rugged embedded computing applications for ground defense, missile defense, electronic systems/C4ISR, and commercial and military aerospace applications.

Compliance with VITA 46 enables upgrades in existing VPX applications. The connector can be used in conjunction with RF Modules (VITA 67) and optical modules (VITA 66) to customize slot configurations. Featuring a reliable press-fit termination, the MULTIGIG RT 2-R connector requires only flat rock tooling.

Materials used include:
• Contacts: High performance copper alloy plated 50 µin Au over 50 µin Ni in mating area, tin-lead on compliant pin tails.
• Housings: Space compatible, high-temperature thermoplastic
• Rugged guide hardware: Aluminum or passivated stainless steel

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