Multi-Channel Phase And Switching Coherent Signal Sources: Model 855 Series

Source: Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation

Berkeley Nucleonics' new Model 855 series is a phase coherent, multi-output, fast switching, and low phase noise signal generator operating within the 10 MHz to 6.2, 12.5, or 20.0 GHz range, ideally used for applications where accurate signal quality and wide output power are required.

With a high stability OCXO reference, the Model 855 series is able to deliver excellent frequency and accuracy stability. The instrument accepts external 10, 100, or 1000 MHz references, and is capable of switching times down to 10 μs. The series is housed in a standard 19 in. 1U (up to 3 channels) or 3U (4-8 channels) enclosure with various control interfaces.

For more features and specifications on the Model 855 series, download the datasheet. You can also check out the video below or download the application note for more information.