News | June 7, 2021

Modelithics And MACOM Announce Availability Of New Modelithics MACOM GaN Library

Modelithics, Inc., (Modelithics) the world’s leading RF and microwave simulation model provider, and MACOM Technology Solutions Inc. (MACOM), a leading supplier of semiconductor products, are pleased to announce the first release of the new Modelithics MACOM GaN Library.

The models in the Modelithics MACOM GaN Library will be offered for FREE distribution and support for qualified MACOM customers. The initial release of the Modelithics MACOM GaN Library v21.1.0 includes highly accurate non-linear models for MACOM PURE CARBIDE devices for:

  • MAPC-A1500: 2.6 kW, 960-1215 MHz Industry Leading L-Band Performance
  • MAPC-A1501: 1.3 kW, 960-1215 MHz
  • MAPC-A1101: 85 W, DC-3.5 GHz

Each model is developed and validated using extensive linear and non-linear data sets and intended for high power microwave applications. Additional models will be added to the Modelithics MACOM GaN Library on an ongoing basis. For more information and to request the library, visit

MACOM has also joined the Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) Program. In addition to the new MACOM GaN Library, which will be licensed for extended use, MACOM is sponsoring free 90-day trials of all Modelithics models for other MACOM components available in the Modelithics COMPLETE Library. For more information or to request free use of any or all the Modelithics-MACOM models, please visit

MACOM designs and manufactures semiconductor products for Telecommunications, Industrial and Defense and Data Center applications. Headquartered in Lowell, Massachusetts, MACOM has design centers and sales offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia. MACOM is certified to the ISO9001 international quality standard and ISO14001 environmental management standard. For more information, visit

About Modelithics
Modelithics, Inc. was formed in 2001 to address the industry-wide need for highaccuracy RF and microwave active and passive simulation models for use in Electronic Design Automation (EDA). Modelithics’ premium product is the Modelithics COMPLETE Library. The Modelithics COMPLETE Library is an indispensable collection of simulation models representing over 22,000 passive and active RF & Microwave devices engineered to enable designers to go from concept to product faster and easier. These models for discrete die, surface mount and packaged devices are a must-have for anyone involved in PCB-based RF & Microwave circuit or module design. The COMPLETE Library is currently available* for Keysight Technologies’ PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS), Keysight Technologies’ PathWave RF Synthesis (Genesys), Cadence AWR Design Environment, Cadence Spectre Simulation Platform, Ansys HFSS, and Sonnet Suites. Modelithics product offerings also include the mmWave & 5G Library and the Modelithics COMPLETE+3D Library. The mmWave & 5G Library includes a collection of models focused on supporting the next generation of cellular communication standards. All models in the mmWave & 5G Library are validated to a minimum of 30 GHz, with some validated up to 125 GHz! Modelithics COMPLETE+3D Library includes a collection of 3D Geometry models. For more information, visit

Modelithics’ services also address a wide range of custom RF and microwave measurement and modeling needs. The Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) Program allows for collaboration and open communication during the development of advanced data sets and models for commercially available microwave components and devices, with flexible sponsorship and distribution arrangements for the resulting data and models. An example of such an arrangement is the Modelithics Qorvo GaN Library, a fully sponsored library distributed for free by Modelithics under sponsorship of Qorvo. Modelithics also offers a Standard & Custom Test Fixture and Accessory Product Line, including legacy parts from J Micro Technology for a family of thin film Alumina substrate components.

Source: Modelithics, Inc.