Application Note

Modeling The Specific Absorption Rate Distribution Of A Smartphone

Source: ANSYS, Inc.
SAR Smart Phone Model

This application models the specific absorption rate (SAR) distribution in a human head, heart, and body exposed to an electromagnetic field emitted from a handheld cellular phone operating in GSM (900 MHz and 1,800 MHz) and GPS range in a partially closed environment. In the modeling, SAM Phantom IEEE model and a realistic human head and body are used to investigate both the local and average SAR of 1 g and 10 g tissue.

For a number of years, the general public has been concerned about the possible health effects of exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation. High levels of RF fields are known to cause a variety of physical effects on the human body. With the dramatic increase in wireless device usage, particularly mobile telephones, R&D teams must ensure that products do not expose users to potentially harmful radiation levels. The known health effects related to the frequencies at which most of these devices operate center around tissue heating.