MoCA 7-Way Resistive Power Divider/Combiner: 75PD-168

Source: JFW Industries, Inc.

This 7 Way MoCA Splitter has an 8 Port Resistive Power Splitter for MOCA testing configuration. It operates in the DC-2250 MHz frequency range and has a 75 0hms nominal impedance.

Model 75PD-168 is a 75 Ohm resistive 8 port (i.e. 7-Way) power divider/combiner designed for use in RF testing for MOCA devices. Unlike a standard resistive divider/combiner this 8 port model has 22.9dB of insertion loss required for MOCA testing.  It operates DC-2150 MHz and is rated for 0.5 Watts of RF input power.  It is constructed in a star configuration with built-in 3dB fixed pads.  It has the functionality of a RF hub because every path through the divider/combiner has equal loss.  It is available with 75 Ohm F female coaxial RF connectors.