MLDD 2-Way Power Divider: 6030450

Source: Krytar
MLDD 2-Way Power Divider: 6030450

KRYTAR’s 6030450 MLDD 2-Way Power Divider operates in the 3.0 to 45.0 GHz frequency range and is ideal for broadband electronic warfare (EW) systems and complex switch-matrix applications.

This 2-Way Power Divider features greater than 14 dB Isolation and ±0.50 dB Amplitude Tracking, less than 1.9 dB insertion loss, 1.9 Maximum Input VSWR and 1.99 output. The 6030450 2-Way Power Divider is compact, measuring only 1.30 inches (L) x 1.00 inches (W) x 0.40 inches (H). It weighs just 1.1 oz. This new 2-way power divider lends itself to emerging wireless broadband designs and many test and measurement applications. This 2-way power divider can be manufactured to meet military specifications.

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