Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO): 6 Series

Source: Tektronix
Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO): 6 Series

Tektronix offers the 6 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes (MSO) designed for present and future troubleshooting and high-speed design validation applications within the 1 – 8 GHz frequency range. This series provides accurate measurements, low noise, and 25 GS/s sample rates per channel.

The oscilloscopes offer advanced jitter analysis, advanced power analysis, high speed serial compliance, and automated measurement and trend analysis. The series features four FlexChannel® inputs that enable the connection of high performance single-ended active probes, differential probes, or both at once with new TriMode probes.

Additional 6 Series MSO features include:

  • Lowest input noise enabled by new TEK061 front-end ASICs.
  • 12-bit resolution at 4 GHz, and up to 16-bit resolution at 200 MHz
  • 15.6 inch, ultra-responsive touchscreen
  • Functionality and performance customization

For more information on the 6 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes, download the datasheet, check out the video below, or visit the Tektronix web page.