Miniaturized 2.2 – 5 RF Connector System And Cable Assemblies

Source: Molex

Molex offers a new 2.2 – 5 RF Connector System and Cable Assemblies to deliver high frequency and low passive intermodulation (PIM) in a form factor that is 53% smaller than 4.3 – 10 connectors, making them ideal for compact mobile radio applications.

The system and cables feature low PIM and capable of frequencies up to 6 GHz. Since coaxial jumpers require premium electrical performance and robust environmental capabilities in order to withstand many years outside in the elements, Molex 2.2-5 RF Cable Jumpers are factory fabricated and provide a IP68 NEMA rating when mated, protecting the connector system from dust and water ingress.

Download the datasheet for more available features and specifications.