Mini Benchtop Programmable Attenuator Assembly Works To 40 GHz: 50BA-024-62

Source: JFW Industries, Inc.

Mini Benchtop Programmable Attenuator Assembly: 50BA-024-62

JFW’s 50BA-024-62 is a mini benchtop programmable attenuator assembly designed for mm-wave testing. It is configured with one solid-state programmable attenuator, and it features an attenuation range of 0 to 62 dB in 1 dB increments and 50 Ohms nominal impedance.

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Additional specifications include:

  • VSWR: 2.8: 1 maximum at 100 MHz to 40 GHz
  • Insertion Loss: 18.0 dB typical @ 40 GHz
  • RF Input Power: 20 dBm average
  • Switching Speed: 1 microsecond (typical)
  • RF Connector: 2.92 mm female
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to 50°C

For more specifications on the 50BA-024-62 programmable attenuator system, download the datasheet and technical drawing.

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