News | November 14, 2014

MIMO Transceivers For Newly Available 3.6 GHz Bands

State-of-the-art MIMO Technologies Enable New Wireless Broadband Applications

Doodle Labs is proud to announce three new embedded MIMO transceivers to help take advantage of the various 3.6 GHz bands that are being released around the world. Doodle Labs’ transceivers help modem manufacturers meet the varied regulatory requirements and enable quick development of new applications across major market segments such as Communications, Healthcare, Transportation, Public Safety, Energy, Industrial, and Military.

We are in the midst of a communications revolution that has connected us to each other as never before through an ever-increasing number of wireless devices. As a result of the continuing proliferation of connected devices, demand for wireless broadband capacity is growing exponentially. Newer, more efficient wireless technologies and innovative approaches can help maximize the utility of the newly available spectrum resources.

Mobile Broadband
3.6 GHz is the emerging globally harmonized band for TDD LTE (3GPP bands 42 and 43) and will play a key role in meeting the explosive rise in mobile data demands. Doodle Labs Prism-FES instantly enables all TDD LTE equipment designed for bands 33~41 to operate in bands 42/43. The Prism-FES connects to the antenna ports of the modem (e.g. Small Cell) and shifts the signals to bands 42/43 frequencies without requiring any complex design changes. Prism-FES features ultra linear super heterodyne technology to support up to 256 QAM and 4x4 MIMO, exceeding the LTE-Advanced requirements. For more information, visit

Fixed Wireless Broadband
Many countries are releasing spectrum in the 3400~3800 MHz range for Fixed Wireless Broadband services to complement Mobile Broadband applications. In the USA, the FCC is in the final phase of releasing the Citizen's Broadband Radio Service, a lightly regulated spectrum to foster innovation and development of new applications. Industrial Internet of Things and Wireless Backhaul for Small Cells are example applications that will benefit from this new spectrum availability. Doodle Labs ACL-3600-2F is perfectly positioned to meet the requirements for such applications. It is an industry first, frequency shifted state-of-the-art IEEE 802.11ac, 2x2 MIMO, transceiver with miniPCIe interface. It is developed specifically for applications needing very high throughput (up to 500 Mbps) and long range (up to 10 miles). For more information, visit

FCC rules for the “3650-3700 MHz Radio Service” are designed to stimulate rapid expansion of broadband services. The Commission designed these rules to provide flexibility for a variety of new terrestrial uses and encourage multiple entrants. The rules impose minimal regulatory burden to obtain a low cost, non-exclusive nationwide license for commercial use. Doodle Labs ACL-3675-2F is a frequency shifted IEEE 802.11ac transceiver optimized for this radio service requirement. For more information, visit

About Doodle Labs
Doodle Labs is focusing on the development of best in class embedded Wireless Broadband transceivers for many different industry verticals. Doodle Labs’ products help System Integrators to leverage cost effective IP capabilities and Wireless Broadband to enable cutting edge applications. Doodle Labs offers the industry’s largest family of embedded Wireless Broadband transceivers that operate from 200 MHz to 7 GHz frequency range. These radio transceivers enable OEMs to incorporate state-of-the-art wireless capabilities with minimum integration efforts and tremendous flexibility. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Doodle Labs