Millimeter Wave Standard Gain Conical and Pyramidal Horns: SGH Series

Source: Millitech

These millimeter wave standard gain conical and pyramidal horns feature a low cost, low VSWR, and a light weight. They’re ideal for applications involving antenna measurements and array elements, and can also be used as feeds for prime focus and Cassegrain antennas.

These conical and pyramidal horns are electroformed to give precise dimensions and reproducible electrical characteristics. They measure gain for other antennas by comparing the signal level of a test antenna to the standard gain horn, then by adding the difference to the calibrated gain of the standard gain horn operating at the test frequency.

The conical gain horns are especially ideal for applications that require a small and inexpensive antenna that’s capable of polarization diversity. They can support horizontal, vertical, left, and right hand circular polarization when used with a polarizer.