Millimeter Wave Polarizers and Waveguide Adapters: POL/WAC Series

Source: Millitech

Millitech offers millimeter wave linear-circular polarizers and circular-to-rectangular waveguide adapters that feature low insertion loss and axial ratio and broadband operation. They’re ideal for applications involving antennas, quasioptics, and radar front ends.

The POL series of millimeter wave linear-circular polarizers convert linearly-polarized signals to circularly-polarized signals (or vice versa) in a circular waveguide. They can also be connected to an orthomode transducer or circular-to-rectangular transition as applicable.

The WAC series of millimeter wave circular-to-rectangular waveguide adapters provide transitions from standard rectangular waveguide to circular waveguides. They can be used with conical and scalar feedhorns and provide wide bandwidth with low VSWR.