Millimeter Wave Hybrid Tees and Tuners: EHT/HBT Series

Source: Millitech

Millitech’s line of millimeter wave Hybrid Tees and E- and H- Plane Tuners are ideal for applications involving test and instrumentation, power division/combining, and impedance matching. They operate in the 26.5 to 220 GHz frequency range, are convenient to use, and feature low insertion loss.

Millitech’s millimeter wave hybrid tees are four-port transmission line components where the junction of the series arm (E-plane) and shunt arm (H-plane) are positioned in such a way to give power division and combination in both ports of the transmission line. They’re well suited for numerous laboratory measurement applications.

The millimeter wave E- and H- plane tuners are versions of the hybrid tees with micrometer-tuned noncontacting adjustable shorts placed in both the series and shunt arms. These tuners allow simultaneous adjustment of both the phase and amplitude of the reflection coefficient. They’re particularly suited for impedance matching