Millimeter-Wave Faraday Isolators: STF Series

Source: SAGE Millimeter, Inc.

Millimeter-Wave Faraday Isolators: STF Series

SAGE Millimeter offers the STF series full band Faraday isolators to cover the frequency range of 18 to 220 GHz in eleven waveguide bands with twenty-two standard models. These isolators are constructed with a longitudinal magnetized ferrite rod to provide Faraday rotation when the RF signal is presented. Although the typical insertion loss of these isolators is slightly higher than its counterpart, their isolation is at least 10 dB higher, around 28 to 30 dB.

The Faraday isolators cover broader frequency range, often wider than the waveguide bandwidth, and possess less insertion phase variation across the entire waveguide band. These characteristics make them ideally suited for broadband applications, especially in test labs and instrumentations. The standard models also include the alternative models with built-in twist to offer additional flexibility for system applications where the orthogonal input/output orientations are required.

For additional information on the STF Series of Faraday isolators, download the datasheet.