News | October 22, 2010

Milestone Recommendations Document Pushes Forward LTE Networks For Beyond 2010


Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance publishes Top 10 Recommendations for the Operational Efficiency of LTE Networks

The NGMN Alliance has recently publicly announced its Top 10 Operational Efficiency Recommendations. These recommendations are a major milestone for the NGMN Alliance and demonstrate how it provides guidance for the industry on the operational efficiency requirements for next generation mobile networks.

Several factors drive the need to improve the overall network operations: Rising complexity and increasing cost of network operations, heterogeneity of networks (supporting different technologies), number of network elements, the market need to gain flexibility in service management and to improve service quality – just to name a few. These aspects are even more important in times when operators put increasing focus on the overall operational cost base of the networks. NGMN has therefore defined "operational efficiency" as one of its key work items for 2010 and beyond.

In order to provide overall guidance for the implementation of solutions supporting Self-Optimising Networks (SONs) for the future, NGMN released in early 2009 the "NGMN Recommendation on SON and O&M Requirements" which outlines the requirements for Self-Optimising Networks. Now, in Autumn 2010, the NGMN Board has approved for publication the latest NGMN deliverable in the operations area, – the "NGMN TOP OPE Recommendations". This document is the consolidated outcome of the NGMN project "Operational Efficiency" addressing SON and O&M aspects of next generation networks.

Top 10 Operational Efficiency Recommendations (diagram attached)
The SON section of the "NGMN TOP P-OPE Recommendations" covers recommendations on high-priority areas like Automatic Neighbour Cell Recognition (ANR), Minimisation of Drive Tests and Interactions between Home and Macro BTS. The objective of the O&M section is to develop a future operational vision that achieves out-of-the-box interoperability, enhanced flexible integration, as well as the re-use of the interfaces between OSS/BSS and the Network or EMS.

Peter Meissner, NGMN Operating Officer, emphasised that "these NGMN Top 10 OPE Recommendations will have a fundamental impact on future standardisation. I would like to thank all NGMN Partners which contributed to this landmark document. The Top 10 OPE Recommendations will now serve as a basis for the further work on SON and O&M with partners of the industry as well as SDOs".

NGMN Alliance will also present and discuss the Top 10 Operational Efficiency Recommendations at the Mobile World Congress 2011. Please refer to the joint GSMA/NGMN conference stream on "Technology Evolution" at the MWC 2011 on 17th February, 2011.

  • All cited documents as well as the complete "NGMN TOP OPE Recommendations" document are available for download at the NGMN website.

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