Mid- And High-Band Front-End Module For 3G, 4G, And 5G Applications: SKY5®-8085-11


The SKY58085-11 is a mid- and high-band front end module (FEM) designed to support 3G/4G/5G mobile devices and operate efficiently in 3G/4G/5G modes. This model meets stringent 5G NR and LTE advanced requirements where wider bandwidth and carrier aggregation are utilized for high data rates.

The SKY58085-11 has combined filtering, RF matching, and TRx switching internal to the module that optimizes performance for popular downlink (DL) CA band combinations, all in a compact and low-cost solution. It is ideally used for handsets, data cards, M2M, and LTE advanced carrier aggregation (CA) applications.

For more information on the SKY58085-11 front-end module, download the datasheet or check out the video below.

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