Microwave VME/VXS Tuner: SRX-00140-VME

The Microwave VME/VXS Tuner by Hunter Technology is the industry’s smallest available microwave SIGINT VME tuner. It covers the 500 MHz-20.0 GHz and 30.0 GHz to 40.0 GHz frequency ranges and features incredibly fast tuning, low phase noise, excellent mechanical conductivity, a single slot 6U VME configuration, and much more.

This microwave VME/VSX tuner can be tuned from one frequency to another in the same band in less than 500 nsec. This gives the tuner the fastest tuning speed and highest performance in a single slot, 6U VME package, all while consuming less than 40 watts.

The tuner itself includes a high performance 11 channel preselector, an RF input preselector, a triple frequency conversion for all frequency bands, and all of the necessary agile and fixed LOs for proper frequency tuning.

Any application involving SIGINT for Electronic Intelligent (ELINT) and Communications Intelligence (COMINT) can benefit from the SRX-00140-VME Microwave VME/VXS Tuner since all three of its IF outputs are provided simultaneously. Download the datasheet for more information.