Microwave USB Power Sensor (MA24218A)

Source: Anritsu Company

Microwave USB Power Sensor (MA24218A)

The MA24218A is a power sensor designed with “triple path” architecture that provides True-RMS measurements for CW, multi-tone, and digitally modulated signals from 10 MHz to 18 GHz over 80 dB of dynamic range. The sensor employs high-performance digital processing which enables measurement speeds of >1,600 continuous power readings/s continuous and >11,000 buffered readings/s. It is intended to be used to increase throughput and reduce cost-of-test in any lab, high-volume manufacturing and field environment.

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The MA24218A’s broad frequency coverage allows it to conduct accurate modulated power measurements on signals, including WCDMA, LTE and WLAN standards. This sensor features a built-in internal and external trigger that facilitates multi-shot measurement of TDD waveforms such as GSM, WiMAX, and TD-SCDMA. The power sensor also has an enhanced modulation feature for the best possible accuracy for modulated signal measurements, and a triggering hysteresis capability for minimizing the risk of triggering on an unintended edge for greater accuracy. The MA24218A can be used with any Windows-based PC and controlled via PowerXpertTM.

MA24218A Features Include:

  • Frequency range: 10 MHz — 18 GHz
  • No zero required for signals > -45 dBm
  • NIST traceable calibrations
  • Compatibility with Anritsu handheld instruments
  • Silicone protective covering for additional field durability

For more features, specifications, and operational requirements, download the datasheet.

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