Microwave Power Module: PTX8808/PTX8811


The PTX8807/PTX8808 MPM integrates a high-power Ka-band Helix mini Travelling Wave Tube (TWT) with a matched high-density switch mode power supply to produce a single "drop-in" microwave amplifier unit.

Integration of the TWT and the Power supply simplifies the system designer’s task by eliminating high voltage TWT interconnections and their associated safety and reliability hazards. Integration further reduces the overall system size, simplifying the integration task. The MPM is factory adjusted to optimize TWT performance. No user adjustments are required, simplifying replacement and reducing replacement times in the field. The MPM can be configured to incorporate a variety of TWT models, allowing the user to specify different duty, frequency, and peak power parameters.

Download the full datasheet for more available features and specifications.

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