15-18 GHz, 1000 Watt Microwave Power Module (MPM): dB-3814

Source: dB Control

The dB-3814 microwave power module (MPM) has a 1000 Watt output power and operates in the 15-18 GHz frequency range. It's ideal for applications involving airborne synthetic aperture and multi-mode radars, EW threat simulation, radar countermeasures, and manned and unmanned platforms.

Electrical specifications for dB Control's dB-3814 MPM include:

  • Duty cycle: 7% max.
  • PRF: 40 kHz max.
  • Pulse width: 0.2 to 50µsec
  • Gain at rated power: 60 dB (with SSA driver option)
  • RF drive for rated power: 0 dBm
  • Harmonics: -12 dBc, max.
  • Phase noise: -110 dBc/Hz at 1 kHz offset from carrier
  • Spurious: -60 dBc
  • RF rise and fall times: 25 nsec max.

Download the datasheet for a full list of electrical, mechanical, and environmental specifications.

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