700 MHz - 12 GHz Trapezoidal Log Periodic Antenna: ATT700M12G

Source: AR

700 MHz - 12 GHz Trapezoidal Log Periodic Antenna: ATT700M12G

The ATT700M12G is a 700 MHz - 12 GHz wideband trapezoidal log-periodic antenna with up to 600 W power. It is designed for applications requiring large uniform field areas. This antenna is able to provide high power handling, nearly constant gain, and wide beam widths that are equal in the E and H planes.

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The ATT700M12G compliments the AR S-series amplifiers, is compact, lightweight, and easily mounts to tripods with an included adapter.

Ideal applications for the ATT700M12G include:

  • IEC-61000-4-3
  • MIL STD-461 RS103
  • ISO 11451-2
  • ISO 11452-2
  • DO-160G Section 20

For more features and specifications, download ATT700M12G antenna datasheet.

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