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MegaPhase Announces Quick-Turn Express Lead-Times For Test and Measurement Cables Featuring GrooveTube Technology

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Engineers and technicians challenged to maintain fully functioning testing facilities while keeping tight inventories rely on MegaPhase to deliver critically needed test and measurement (T&M) cables. To meet rapid delivery supply needs, MegaPhase is offering a Quick-Turn Express™ program for its full line of T&M cables featuring its advanced GrooveTube® Technology. There is never an expedite charge at MegaPhase.

"It's our goal to help testing laboratories function efficiently by supplying high performance T&M cables to meet not only rigorous production environments, but demanding customer production schedules," reports William Pote, Megaphase's CEO/Founder. The Quick-Turn Express™ program is backed by the guarantee that if it doesn't ship on time, MegaPhase will pay the cost of the freight.

GrooveTube® T&M cables address three important criteria for testing RF and Microwave components and systems: phase stability, insertion loss stability and repeatability of measurements for the cable's useful life. This enables MegaPhase customers to calibrate most test sets with rate of recurrence far less than competitive products, and therefore achieve the "lowest cost per measurement" and more reliable test results.

MegaPhase's GrooveTube® cables feature:

  • A super-flexible outer conductor. This results in repeatable, reliable performance over time because the outer conductor does not fatigue when flexed like traditional braid/foil outer conductors and stiff corrugated copper types.
  • Superior phase and amplitude stability during flexure because the inner conductor stays in the center of the outer conductor - where it belongs. The insured concentricity maintains impedance and low SWR.
  • Low VSWR and Insertion Loss because each connector screws directly on to GrooveTube®, the outer conductor, and then the seam is 100% soldered versus other cable brands terminating to small strands of braid.

Mechanical benefits include:

  • Smaller bend radii.
    Cables can be repeatedly bent to 0.5in with minimally degrading RF signal.
  • Crush Proof.
    Inherent in GrooveTube is a crush-resistant armor that withstands over 150lbs/in2 of plane compressive force.
  • Pull Resistance.
    Strong mechanical termination at connectors, armor varieties and packaging options mean these cables are very difficult to pull apart.

MegaPhase line of GrooveTube® products available in the Quick-Turn Express™ program include:

RF Orange Bench Test Cables
Lowest cost per measurement, very best overall value for general purpose test through 50 GHz.

MegaPhase VNA Test Port Extension Cables
A great alternative to the mega-bucks OEM test port cables, MegaPhase VN Series offers superior phase stability and durability through 50 GHz.

SiteLine™ Armored Field and Production Test Cables
Superior phase stability, DC-50 GHz cables. Used in severe or abusive environments. Ideal for field and production.

Broadband 75-Ohm Test Cables
Precision 75 ohm, rugged and lightweight, CATV/broadband sets, Type N and F, DC-8 GHz cables

Thermal-Vac Altitude Test Cables
Low outgassing, vented connectors and great performance under temperature and pressure through 50 GHz. Ideal for test of spacecraft, S-level components and airborne environment testing.

For fast deliveries contact Joe Carbonaro by emailing, or calling 877-MegaPhase (877-634-2742) or 570-424-8400 extension 188.

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MegaPhase is an ISO-9001:2008 certified privately-held company that designs, manufactures and sells RF/Microwave coaxial cable, cable assemblies, connectors and RF components through 70 GHz. Located in Stroudsburg, PA, MegaPhase customers include OEMs in instrumentation, broadband networking, wireless communications, semiconductor, advanced microwave and optical electronic systems, space and defense. MegaPhase products include GrooveTube® test cables, semi-rigid and flexible coaxial cables for advanced systems, test adapters and coaxial connectors . MegaPhase's broadband and high frequency interconnect technologies include coaxial cables have been used reliably to test smart phones, transmit signals on the US Navy's new AWACS E-2D Advanced Hawkeye, Agilent's new FireFox® handheld analyzers, and many other high-profile projects. For more information contact MegaPhase at 570-424-8400, by e-mail at or visit