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Magnetrons are high power microwave oscillators that take the potential energy of an electron cloud near its cathode and convert it into RF energy. Their application areas are fairly diverse and can run the gamut from cooking to cancer therapy. This page provides an overview of CPI’s line of magnetrons and includes information on features and specifications.

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Magnetron Radar Transmitters

These transmitters are ideal for shipboard, airborne, or ground-based military applications in L-Band to Ka-Band radars.

Coaxial Pulsed magnetron: VMC3105

This 2.5 MW C-band coaxial pulsed magnetron features high frequency stability, long life (>2000 hours), and +/- 50 MHz tunability. It’s ideal for applications involving linear accelerators.

Coaxial Pulsed Magnetron: VMX3100HP

The VMX3100HP 1.5 MW x-band coaxial pulsed magnetron features a .0018 duty cycle, a liquid cooled anode, and high frequency stability. It’s ideal for medical linear accelerator applications as well as cargo screening.

Coaxial Pulsed Magnetron: VMC3109

The VMC3109 shares many of the same characteristics of the VMC3105. Its main differentiating feature is that it has +/- 10 MHz tunability.

X-Band Coaxial Pulsed Magnetron: VMX3045

The VMX3045 has a 400 W average output power, 400 kW peak output power, and is tunable from +/- 30 MHz. It’s ideal for linear accelerators.

Coaxial Pulsed Magnetron: VMX3095

This magnetron is ideal for cargo screening and medical linear accelerator applications. It offers 1.70 MW peak output power, a.70 kW average output power, and a .001 duty cycle.

Additional information can be obtained by clicking on the datasheet links above. You can also contact CPI directly for more information.


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