News | January 9, 2014

MACOM Introduces Low Power Quad-Channel Modulator Driver For 100G Applications

Modulator Driver exhibits excellent performance for next generation 100G coherent modules

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. (“MACOM”), a leading supplier of high performance RF, microwave, and millimeter wave products, recently announced the newest addition to its portfolio of modulator drivers for 100G applications.

The MAOM-003405 is a quad channel 32 Gbps modulator driver IC for 100G coherent transponders in CFP and CFP2 form factors. The device’s low power dissipation, small size and high gain are key features that enable 100G coherent solutions in the size and power constrained pluggable form factors.

The MAOM-003405 has a differential input which meets the stringent CFP2 input voltage requirements, while the single-ended output voltage of up to 6.5Vpp is ideal for next generation optical modulators. The high performance driver boasts market leading power consumption, low RMS jitter, and typical rise/fall times of 12 ps. The four channels are packaged in a single surface mount package which is optimized for maximum isolation and minimum crosstalk between channels. The MAOM-003405 is therefore an ideal solution for real estate constrained customers looking for a high performance, low power 100G modulator driver solution.

“We are very excited to introduce another market leading product for next generation 100G systems” said Vikas Manan, MACOM’s Engineering Director for Optoelectronics products. “With the previously announced MAOM-003404, MACOM now offers the smallest size and lowest power driver solutions for both single-ended and differential optical modulators for use in 100G Coherent CFP and CFP2 modules”

“The demand for high-bandwidth services continues to increase and coherent optical processing lays the foundation for increasing bandwidth from 10G to 40G to 100G and beyond. It offers the ability to make the network more programmable and unlocks new network architecture possibilities,” commented Daryl Inniss, VP and Practice Leader, Ovum. “Size and power continues to play an important role in the adoption of coherent based optical modules. The MACOM solution helps to make the pluggable form factor an appealing technology.”

Samples of MAOM-003405 are available today.

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SOURCE: M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc.