LTE Dual-Band Front-End Module For IoT

Source: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

LTE Dual-Band Front-End Module For IoT

The SKY68000-11 is a dual-band multi-chip RF front-end module designed for LTE Cat-M Half-Duplex systems.  The FEM integrates the entire front end necessary for an LTE dual-band radio operating in Band 13 and Band 4. Optimized for +23 dBm output power, the FEM integrates Rx SAW filters, dual-band PAs with bias controllers, Tx low-pass harmonic filters, an antenna switch, and an MIPI RFFE controller, all in a 4 x 5 mm package. The device is ideal for low-power, low-cost IoT applications including embedded wireless modules, mobile hotspots and other types of cellular modem products.

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Tx Section

The PA load-line is able to meet 3 GPP ACLR emissions mask specifications with a maximum LTE 6 RB, and up to 20 MHz BW signal wavefrom. An LPF is integrated in order to simultaneously reject the PA transceiver harmonics, and minimize any post PA loss for an optimized transmit current consumption. The design is compliant for the Band 13 and Band 4 which emphasizes out of band emissions performance.

Rx Section

The module has integrated receive SAW filters as well as the necessary matching that produces a 50 Ω single-ended impedance for antenna and Rx ports. These SAW filters provide high rejection to out of band interferers and protect the transceiver from high blocking signal levels. The filters cascaded with the low throw count switch that provide a lower insertion loss and noise figure than conventional LTE receivers.

MIPI RFFE Controller Interface

The module’s function operation is controlled by a single MIPI interface that changes the PA to various optimized bias modes, provides band selection, and controls the antenna switch, Tx, Rx, and band selection.

For more features, specifications, and diagrams on the SKY68000-11, download the datasheet.

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