LT2510: 2.4 GHz Low-Power RF Module

Source: Laird

LT2510: 2.4 GHz Low-Power RF Module
Laird Technologies' fifth generation 2.4 GHz FHSS module sets the standard for industrial RF communication. Based on their proprietary FlexRF™ technology, this globally-accepted module will exceed most OEM application and performance requirements.

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Product Brief: LT2510: 2.4 GHz Low-Power RF Module

Embedded with Laird Technologies' robust server-client protocol, the LT2510 permits each module to communicate with any other in-range module for true peer-to-peer operation. "Out of range" modules can be reached via a meshing topology. The configuration and test software enables OEMs to structure and optimize the network to suit their application.

Enhanced API commands provide packet routing control and network intelligence. With its field-proven FHSS air interface protocol, the LT2510 rejects RF noise, excels against multipath reflections, allows for co-located systems, and provides an extremely reliable communication link.

With 250 kb/s throughput in half-duplex mode, the LT2510 delivers speedy data rates. In addition, variable output power options (up to one watt) enable communication over distances that aren't achievable with competing technologies. At the same time, a range of ultra-low power modes plus low Tx/Rx power consumption make the LT2510 ideal for power-restrictive or battery-operated applications. The mini SMT package is well-suited for space-constrained designs and available in pick-and-place packaging for volume manufacturing.

If you're currently looking at Bluetooth or ZigBee for a simple connection topology, then look again. The LT2510 sets new standards of performance and ease of installation for robust wireless cable replacement.


  • Robust against interference
  • High throughput, Excellent security
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Long range capability
  • True peer-to-peer protocol
  • Miniature SMT form factor
  • Global acceptance
  • Internal Battery monitor and temperature sensor,
    • Built-in timers
    • GPIO, ADC & DAC

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Product Brief: LT2510: 2.4 GHz Low-Power RF Module