Low PIM Components

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Low PIM Components

Bird offers low PIM components designed to help distribute signals efficiently throughout venues, without the need to create intermodulation products. These devices are able to handle high RF power levels while minimizing interference.

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200-DC Series Directional Couplers

The 200-DC series consists of 5 models of directional couplers designed to balance signals evenly across a coaxial DAS network. These couplers operate over the 698 to 2700 MHz frequency band, feature power handling up to 200 W, and have a maximum 1.2 to 1 return loss ratio.

150-DC Series Hybrid Couplers

The low PIM 150-DC series of 2 x 2 hybrid couplers operate within the 698 to 2700 MHz frequency band, feature a return loss ratio of 1.25 to 1, and are capable of power handling up to 150 W. The two available models are designed to provide equal or unequal splits for combining signals with minimal loss.

200-DD Series Splitters

The 200-DD series consists of 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way models of low PIM splitters designed to provide equal splitting or combining of signals with minimal loss. These couplers operate over the 698 to 2700 MHz frequency band, and feature up to 200 W of power handling.

Download the available datasheets above for more features and specifications on these low PIM components.

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