Low Loss Microwave Cable: SUCOFLEX 400


The new SUCOFLEX 400 microwave cable family has been specifically developed for industrial, medical, test and measurement and ground defence applications, where the lowest loss, highest performance, best phase stability versus temperature and phase stability versus bending, excellent return loss and mechanical stability are of the utmost importance.

There will be a steady roll-out of SUCOFLEX 400 products for specific relevant markets starting with the SUCOFLEX 404 with straight male SMA, N, TNCA, QN and PC35 with quick mate also with straight female PC35 connector, which are available now.

Current RF systems for medical, defence and space applications must comply with the highest demands, so it is essential that the accompanying connection components meet the highest standards too. The new SUCOFLEX 400 family meets these demands.

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Datasheet: Lowest Loss Microwave Cable: SUCOFLEX 400