Low Loss Digitally Tuned Bandpass Filters

Source: MtronPTI

MtronPTI expands their RF & microwave filter line with the introduction of digitally tuned bandpass filters.  Software defined radios (SDR) and cognitive radios require flexible RF front ends, similar to frequency hopping front ends of military communication radios. MtronPTI’s low loss TF010x digitally tuned bandpass filters are designed for exactly that.

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To maximize radio range, transmitter power and receiver sensitivity are increased. This makes the radio susceptible to cosite interference from nearby units due to transmitter nonlinearities creating out-of-band signals and receiver overloads due to incoming energy at high levels. Tunable filters clean the transmit spectrum, reducing radiated interference. Filters also block undesired energy from the receiver – allowing higher sensitivity.

MtronPTI’s TF010x digitally tuned bandpass filters are available initially in three bands:

  • TF0103 30 – 90 MHz,
  • TF0105 200 – 400 MHz, and
  • TF0108 225 – 520 MHz

Covering military communications including SINCGARS and HAVE QUICK. The TF010x series also has very low insertion loss – specified at less than 3.5 dB – improving radio range or battery life over competing models.

Additional features include:

  • 250 frequency settings
  • 10 microsecond switching
  • ± 1% frequency accuracy
  • 3 dB passband ±2.5 MHz
  • 1.25 W power handling
  • 2.3” x 1.4” x 0.6” package

MtronPTI provides custom and standard frequency and timing control products to the mil/aero, instrumentation and internet communications industries for high reliability, harsh environment, real time applications like radio data links, navigation, precision lab test equipment, microwave backhaul, and cellular data transport. For more information or to discuss a custom application, email at or

(The TF010x series is pin compatible with select MiniPole parallel input tunable filters from Pole Zero, a Dover Corporation company. MiniPole is a registered trademark of Pole Zero.)