Low-Band High-Power Limiter: TGL2210-SM

Source: Qorvo
Low-Band High-Power Limiter: TGL2210-SM

Qorvo offers a new high-power receive protection circuit, or limiter, that is capable of withstanding up to 100 W incident power levels. This limiter operates in the 0.05 to 6 GHz frequency range, and permits less than 17 dBm flat leakage to pass through while contributing less than 0.7 dB in insertion loss.

The TGL2210-SM uses Qorvo’s passive GaAs VPIN technology and does not require bias. This simplifies system integration while maximizing its performance and protection. The device comes in a 4 x 4 mm plastic overmold package, is lead-free, and is RoHS compliant. Typical applications include receive chain protection, commercial and military radar, communications, and electronic warfare. Evaluation boards for this product are available on request.

Click here for more features and specifications, or download the datasheet.