News | November 13, 2023

LOCH Technologies And Monarc Holdings Announce Strategic Partnership For UAS Innovation

San Francisco, CA /PRNewswire/ - Monarc Holdings and LOCH Technologies are excited to announce a strategic partnership that will help redefine the landscape of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and bring the LOCH Machine Vision Platform to the skies.

The LOCH Wireless Machine Vision platform delivers next-generation cybersecurity for cellular 5G, broad-spectrum IoT, IIoT, and operational technology (OT) environments to help organizations improve security posture and reduce risk by using AirShield AI-driven artificial intelligence and machine learning to respond to threats in real-time.

Monarc's Exerys subsidiary recently introduced its cutting-edge Group 2 UAS platform, ANAX. This platform is celebrated for its unprecedented performance, C-UAS capabilities, and adaptability across various applications, ranging from defense to industrial sectors. Exerys' commitment to pushing the boundaries of UAS technology has made them a pivotal new player in the industry.

Exerys and LOCH will integrate the AirShield Sensor with the ANAX platform for mobile monitoring of large areas that need advanced security. This will provide situational awareness in all spectrums, including those that cannot be seen. Exerys will also work with LOCH to further develop their military and defense use cases.

Garry Drummond, Founder and CEO of LOCH, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "This partnership allows us to provide clients with an integrated solution that pairs our platform with the ANAX UAS capabilities. We look forward to a bright future of innovation together."

Joe Cufari, CEO of Monarc, concurred, saying, "Our customers are excited to have the advanced AirShield AI sensor technology to complement the capabilities of our ANAX platform. LOCH's technology is a game-changer in security and RF surveillance monitoring."

About LOCH
LOCH Technologies, a pioneer in wireless threat monitoring and mitigation, provides actionable RF signal intelligence across 5G cellular and broad-spectrum wireless IoT and IIoT devices to help organizations improve their security posture and reduce risk across the enterprise. Every wireless device needs to be visible and secure, regardless of what type of device it is, what protocol it uses, and who owns it. The goal of LOCH's Wireless Machine Vision(™) platform is to provide visibility across unsecured, misconfigured, or unmanaged devices connected through wireless networks. Find out more at

About Monarc Holdings, Inc. & Exerys
Headquartered in Rochester, New York, Monarc drives the growth of innovative ideas and technologies that protect people, places, and things. A wholly owned subsidiary of Monarc, Exerys designs and develops advanced technology solutions including the revolutionary new ANAX UAS platform. For more information about Monarc and Exerys, please visit and

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