Liquid Cooled, Hot Swappable SSPA Family For High Power Applications

Source: Empower RF Systems, Inc.

Empower RF offers a family of liquid cooled, hot swappable SSPAs for high power applications. These devices feature new, scalable, solid state designs that replace tube technology for applications requiring tens and hundreds of kilowatts of CW and pulse power with frequency coverage from HF to X-band.

The family of SSPAs features digital peak and RMS detection, providing waveform flexibility and accurate metering. Additional features include short and long pulse capabilities of 100 ns to 500+ usec and up to 500K Hz PRF’s and 20% duty cycles. With the combination of embedded firmware, software, and real time processing/control, this technology brings multi-use flexibility operation to any application.

For additional information on this SSPA family, download the available brochure.