2 - 20 GHz Limiter/Low Noise Amplifier: QPM1000

Source: Qorvo
2 - 20 GHz Limiter/Low Noise Amplifier: QPM1000

Qorvo delivers the QPM1000 integrated limiter/low noise amplifier (LNA) designed to provide robust, high performance over the 2 – 20 GHz frequency range. The LNA features 17 dB small signal gain with gain control and > 18 dBm P1dB with a range of noise figure of 1.7 – 4 dB across frequency. Additionally, the integrated limiter delivers a robustness level of up to 4 W of incident power without performance degradation.

With a small form factor coupled with both ports matched to 50 ohms and DC blocked, the QPM1000 is ideally suited to support both commercial and defense related applications where robust receiver front ends are required. It is packaged in an air cavity, laminate-based 6 x 5 mm QFN for easy handling, and is lead-free and RoHS compliant. Evaluation boards are available upon request.

Key QPM1000 features include:

  • Input Power CW Survivability: 4 W
  • Gain: > 17 dB
  • Noise Figure: < 4.0 dB
  • IM3: < -21 dBc (PIN < 0 dBm)
  • Adjustable Gain
  • Bias: Vd = 5 V, Id = 100 mA, Vg1 = -0.6 V typical

Download the datasheet for additional information on the QPM1000.