Laser Powered Field Analyzers: FA7000 Series

Source: AR
Laser Powered Field Analyzers: FA7000 Series

AR offers the new FA7000 series of laser powered field analyzers using a new patented approach to more accurately measure modulated electric fields and CW electric fields. This technology uses an isotropic field sensor to sample the composite field and transmit its amplitude digitally over optical fiber to a processor unit. These field analyzers have a sample rate of 1.5 million samples per second, which is significantly faster than conventional RF field probes.

The FA7000 series analyzer kits include an isotropic field sensor, glass fiber-optic cabling, and a processor unit that stores all the necessary amplitude corrections for its associated field sensor. Each of the FA7000 series analyzer kits provides a web-based, oscilloscope-type display of the instantaneous electric field strength (V/m over time) and calculates the minimum, maximum, and average field strength of the waveform as displayed. 

For additional information on the FA7000 series field analyzers, download the available datasheets. Check out the video below for additional information on these products.

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