Presentation | August 22, 2017

Large Platform ElectroMagnetic Engineering Design Framework: Galileo EME 1.0 Presentation

Source: IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A.

Galileo EME (ElectroMagnetic Engineering) is the IDS solution that provides a dedicated integrated environment for the concurrent design, assessment and mitigation of the radar and infrared signatures of complex platforms (e.g. ships, aircraft, unmanned vehicles, satellites and more). Suitable for large programs (e.g. 1-10 years) where many platform versions have to be analyzed and kept under configuration control. In addition to validated and state of the art modeling tools and professional pre and post-processing functions, it provides multi-user features and data management capabilities through the use of an Oracle DB, which are essential when needing to manage huge amounts of data. Download the full presentation for more in-depth information.