News | November 14, 2017

L3 Micreo Develops Next-Generation Wideband RF Defence Communications Solution

L3 Micreo Modular Optical Link

L3 Micreo announced recently that it has developed a next-generation wideband radio frequency (RF) solution for defence communications applications.

Developed and produced in-house by L3 Micreo, the modular optical link converts broadband RF signals for transmission across a fibre-optic link. With an instantaneous frequency range of 10 MHz to 40 GHz, the modular optical link offers the flattest gain response available on the market for unsurpassed performance.

L3 Micreo will be showcasing the new product at MilCIS 2017 from November 14 to 16 in the L3 exhibit, Stand 52, at the National Convention Centre in Canberra.

Sarah Earey, L3 Micreo’s General Manager, said, “This latest offering builds on our extensive experience as a leader in aerospace-grade RF and photonic components, and is our first industrial-grade product. The next-generation capabilities provided by our new optical link give our warfighters a combat advantage to communicate over greater distances with minimal loss in all conditions.”

She added, “We expect this versatile solution to be very successful in international markets, supporting organisations operating antenna and radar ranges, as well as large military platforms across the land and littoral domains. Every day, we work to ensure all of our customers have the solutions they need to accomplish their mission.”

The new photonic solution can be used across various defence domains and platforms, including antenna remoting stations and test ranges, electronic warfare, satellite communications and radar ranges that commonly require low-loss, long-distance RF links in place of long coaxial cables.

Ashley Robinson, L3 Micreo’s Chief Technology Officer, said, “There are numerous benefits to transmitting RF over fibre-optic links in military applications. Performance is enhanced with lower loss, lower interference and low risk of interception, and safety is improved as the wide bandwidth enables greater distances between personnel and equipment, and allows all signals to be carried on one link. SWaP is also enhanced thanks to the negated need for separate receivers, downconverters or digitizers, and the reduction of cabling.”

L3 Micreo, part of L3’s newly formed Intelligence & Mission Systems sector within the Sensor Systems business segment, is a world leader in high-quality design and production of RF and photonic components for radar and electronic warfare subsystems.

Source: L3 Micreo