L-Band Planar Array Antennas

Source: API Technologies Corp

L-Band Planar Array Antennas

These transmit and receive L-band planar array antennas feature 14 dB gain, a wide bandwidth, linear polarization, and low return loss. They’re ideal for use in point-to-point applications, in RF transmitters and receivers, and in satellite communications.

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API Technologies ARA11500060KXLF receiver and ARA116500060KXLF transmitter antenna arrays benefit from an in-house proprietary mix of substrate materials that allow a wider bandwidth when compared to other antennas of this size and frequency range. The receiver covers the 1470-1530 MHz range, and the transmitter covers the 1620-1680 range.

For additional information on both products’ specifications as well as performance simulation data, download the datasheet.

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