L-Band Fiber Optic IFL Transmitter And Receiver: MP-2350 Series

Source: Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc.

Microwave Photonic Systems presents the new MP-2350 Series of L-band fiber optic IFL transmitters/receivers designed with hot-swappable plug-in modules supporting L-band over fiber optic transport with user configurable gain control. These devices operate in the 850 MHz to 2150 MHz frequency range, and are used for many applications including antenna remoting, SATCOM, wireless/PCS, and telemetry.

The MP-2350TX and MP-2350RX are combined to form a RF/fiber optic module pair link that provides electrical-to-optical (E/O) and optical to electrical (O/E) conversion of RF signals. The utilization of the MP-2350TX, in conjunction with the appropriate MP- 2350RX, forms a broadband link capable of supporting the transmission of RF signals over single-mode optical fibers. Features include a low noise, high dynamic range Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser with integrated temperature stability control, transmitter operation over link distances up to 50 km, and Ethernet status monitoring.

For more features, specifications, as well as mechanical drawings and images of the MP-2350 Series, download the datasheet.