L-Band Extended Range RF Photonic Link System: 50150A1MTX And 50125A1MRX

Source: Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc.
L-Band Extended Range RF Photonic Link System: 50150A1MTX And 50125A1MRX

Microwave Photonic Systems offers a series of L-Band, fiber optic, photonic links designed to provide extended range satellite communications signals. The 50150A1MTX and 50125A1MRX use a high performance architecture which utilizes the latest technologies for optical amplification and dispersion compensation in many applications including antenna remoting, SATCOM, telemetry, and wireless/PCS.

The 50150A1MTX (transmitter) and 50125A1MRX (receiver) modules feature digitally controlled RF gain blocks for dynamic configuration of the RF channel Carrier to Noise (C/N) and Carrier to Intermodulation (C/IMD) performance to best optimize the RF channel for Uplink (UL) or Downlink (DL) transmission.

The 50150A1MTX utilizes an ultra-linear C-Band Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser diode for high dynamic range performance.  A microprocessor ensures laser bias, temperature stability, and status monitoring of all critical parameters including bias current, temperature, and alarm status. The 50125A1MRX uses a high-speed, low distortion PIN photodiode detector and a microprocessor for status monitoring of critical parameters. Both this receiver and transmitter are designed as plug-in modules for use within the MPS 4RU series chassis, offering a high capacity, hot-swappable form factor.

For additional features, specifications, and capabilities, download the product datasheet.