Ku Band Iso-Dividers for Satellite Receiver Applications

Source: Crane Aerospace & Electronics

This line of Ku-band Iso-Dividers combines the functions of high performance power dividers with ferrite isolators in order to create a high isolation power divider solution. Because of this, there is no need for additional external components and connectors, ultimately resulting in improved reliability and potential for enhanced electrical performance.

These iso-dividers/power dividers cover the 10.7 to 14.8 GHz frequency range and measure in at 1.01”x1.56”x0.56”. They’re space qualified and provide the ability for a satellite receiver or transmitter to share antennas in redundant configurations. Their 1.8dB max insertion loss helps to facilitate this.

Additional specifications include:

  • Return loss (input and output): 20 dB min
  • Isolation between outputs: 36 dB min
  • Phase balance: +5o max
  • Power handling: 2W max
  • Magnetic emission: 0.5 Am2 max
  • EMI shielding: -80 dBi min
  • RF connection interface: SMA female
  • Operating temperature range: -55 to +85oC

For more information, download the datasheet.