News | June 2, 2016

Key Bridge LLC And Cognitive System Corp. To Provide 3.5 GHz Shared Spectrum Access

MCLEAN, VA (PRWEB) - Key Bridge LLC and Cognitive System Corp. have teamed to provide advanced spectrum monitoring and management services in the 3.5 GHz band. In a joint proposal to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) the companies will enable seamless access to 150 MHz of shared spectrum for wireless broadband services under a new dynamic spectrum sharing initiative called Citizens Broadband Radio Services (CBRS). Under the agreement, Cognitive Systems and Key Bridge will provide a complete, secure and neutral Environment Sensing Capability (ESC) along the East and West coast of the United States in support of FCC-certified Spectrum Access Systems. Key Bridge will also operate an open, neutral Spectrum Access System and will leverage the ESC for spectrum monitoring services.

The FCC is taking a bold leadership role in the evolution of spectrum management by creating a three-tiered CBRS in the 3.5 GHz band and going to great lengths to foster innovation in dynamic spectrum access, sharing and licensing. Incumbents presently operate radar systems in the first tier and new wireless broadband users, which are assigned to the second and third tiers, must not affect or degrade these critical life safety operations.

“The Cognitive Systems/ Key Bridge ESC Infrastructure will provide rapid transmitter detection and identification and will enable us to provide incumbent service protection and broadband coexistence capabilities in the 3.5 GHz band,” said Jesse Caulfield, Key Bridge CEO. “Cognitive Systems has created a stunningly capable platform. I am very excited to work with Cognitive in this and also in other shared spectrum bands that we administer.”

Cognitive Systems has developed core components, RF technologies, and services necessary to build and operate a secure, distributed, spectrum-sensing network. Spectrum sensing devices, based on Cognitive Systems’ commercially available platform, will be deployed and operated along the U.S. coastlines. Inside the sensor is Cognitive Systems state-of-the-art M10TM integrated chip set, which includes a high performance RF front end, a complete software defined radio, and a programmable modem. “The M10 is ideal for monitoring wireless networks to enable spectrum sharing” says Taj Manku, co-founder of Cognitive Systems Corp. “The CBRS 3.5 GHz band presents a complex spectrum sensing challenge, and our integrated system is well suited to the task.”

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About Key Bridge LLC 
Key Bridge is a leading developer of shared spectrum administration technologies and a U.S. Government certified operator of shared spectrum registry databases. We develop and offer low-cost, very high-performance wireless spectrum coexistence technologies, products and services. We make spectrum simple.

About Cognitive Systems Corp. 
Cognitive Systems Corp. is located in Waterloo, Ontario – the heart of Canada’s Technology Triangle. The company’s core skills include advanced microchip design, digital signal processing, wireless protocols, firmware, software, cryptography, and network/cloud infrastructure. While creating novel advanced silicon and software systems for the future, the Cognitive team brings a comprehensive range of skills to solve design and production challenges. 

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